Exercise Equipment For Wheelchair Users

Whether you’re rehabbing an injury, or working around a permanent disability, exercise is important to maintaining overall health. That said — when dealing with a handicap — standard fitness tools may be inadequate. Fortunately, there are plenty of  fitness equipment that can help, such as specially designed balls, bands, balance pads, and more! If you have physical limitations and are looking for an effective, affordable way to stay fit, you’re in the right place.

One of the best workout products for those who are disabled is the Thera Band Exercise Handles. Patients who have limited mobility can benefit from using Thera-Band Exercise Handles in addition to any Thera Band exercise bands. When you use your Thera-Band Exercise Handles in conjunction with other rehabilitation equipment you can significantly improve upper body conditioning. This is especially effective for those whose are confined to a wheelchair and cannot perform traditional workout routines.

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